About Us

Just a little bit about who we are . . .

We're passionate about making Jesus famous!

Here's what to expect when you visit

Singing and Music

We believe that praise and worship is a participatory experience. We invite you to join in as we praise God through singing and you can follow the on-screen lyrics if you don’t know the songs. We use different instruments to help nurture a sense of worship and build an environment that helps people enter into the presence of Jesus Christ.


We pray before, during and after Sunday services as this allows us to acknowledge our dependence on Jesus Christ. We believe prayer is vital for empowering the believer for building God’s kingdom and establishing His power in our personal lives. We pray for the needs of the church and its members and any needs we become aware of in the lives of people. We always provide an opportunity for people to come forward at the end of the meeting to receive prayer from the leadership team and/or the elders of the church.

We take up an offering

We give generously as an act of worship, not under compulsion of any kind but out of a joyful heart. What you give is between you and God, and we don’t squeeze people for cash! The money collected goes towards the costs of the ministry and providing for the ongoing needs of the church.

A few more things to note

After the meeting

Following the meeting we spend time getting to know each other better or just catching up with each other over snacks, tea and coffee. There is always plenty of opportunity to meet or catch-up with people through conversation.

What should I wear?

Our Sunday atmosphere is relaxed and casual. People wear anything from business casual to jeans and t-shirts and shorts. Wear whatever you are most comfortable in!