June 2021 Update – Community News

Life Bridge Community Chaplaincy

We are excited to report that the Management of Cleveland North Shopping Centre Mall have said ‘YES’ to OCFC having a weekly Chaplaincy Stand which will be located outside of Woolworths. The first stand is on Thursday 3rd June from 9.00a.m. to 12 noon. Shirley and David will be on deck.

Currently there are renovations underway on the Southside of Cleveland Shopping

Centre Mall where they are building an eatery. Once finished the Life Bridge Community Stand will also be positioned outside of Coles on the off week.  How amazing is this opportunity and how blessed we are that God has opened this door for us.  We look forward to sharing many exciting testimonies in the future.


Arcare Aged Care Facility Church Service

The new Arcare facility at Seven Hills is almost filled to capacity.  Residents have banded together and requested that a regular Church Service be run.  Pastors David and Shirley met with the Manager and new Life-Style Co-ordinator who have invited the OCFC to run fortnightly services for them.  Gabrielle McEwan and Carmel Earle have volunteered to assist.  The service is to be held in a beautifully appointed lounge room with a grand piano which will be great for singing the beautiful old hymns that are loved so much by the elderly.  Please pray for God’s favour on this activity and that many residents will come to know the Lord personally.