What to expect in our meetings . . .

We believe in the supernatural!

God is Spirit, and when He interacts with our natural world, amazing things happen! Healings, visions & spiritual gifts are just instances when the supernatural power of God comes into contact with our physical world. So you may see us pray for people for healing or to meet specific needs in their lives. God is a miracle worker after all!

We believe in expressing our faith!

You’ve all seen what happens when supporters get behind and cheer for their team. Well we happen to believe that God is worth getting excited about too. That’s why we lift our hands, sing, clap and enjoy God’s presence. We start our meetings with songs, and we have a live band with keyboards, drums, guitars and bass – we have some talented members!

We believe there’s hope for the future!

So you’ll see we are a pretty happy and positive group of people! We’re not always on top of the world, we have struggles and issues too. But we’re there to support each other through the tough times, and celebrate the good stuff. God blesses us with the promise of life after death, but wait, there’s more! Through an understanding of the Bible, we know that God has given us what we need to live a great life before we die. Life is to be lived, and God’s desire is for us to live with hope and freedom and joy. Knowing God has our future in His hand, we can enjoy life now!

We believe that church shouldn’t be stuffy!

OK, we are serious about what we believe in. But we think that church should have an atmosphere that represents more of a family celebration than a funeral! That’s why we have a casual and informal approach to our meetings. It’s interactive, and although we still observe and practice the foundational truths of our faith (salvation, baptism, communion, in-filling of the Holy Spirit etc.) we want our meetings to be a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed, because that is the best way to come before our God and Saviour! Not tense and formal (as before a judge) but welcoming and relational (like before a loving father!).

We believe in digging into God’s Word!

We sing, read, preach, pray and talk about God’s Word, the Bible. Why? Because it’s God’s gift to all people, to help us know Him better, help us understand our place in God’s plan, and most importantly, it’s our guide to a God-pleasing lifestyle. Based on this you will hear someone preach or teach from the Bible, and it usually goes for 45 minutes. Sometimes we go a bit over the normal time, but that’s because there’s something worth listening to!

We love our kids!

After the songs the kids usually go downstairs for Mighty Kid’s Church where they have an interactive lesson and quite often some games or craft-related activity. We make the safety of our children (and yours) a top priority while you are at our church.

Come along and be a part of the family!