Our Vision

What a large vision! What an opportunity!

We’ve been blessed to have a vision for the church that is bigger than anything we’ve ever done. The vision we initially launched in 2010 is still our focus and everything we teach and stand for furthers the vision. It’s massive!

  1. The Inside Vision

God has blessed us with visions, dreams and prophecies – from different people within the church and from different parts of the world. All of them confirm that God wants to bring us into a season of blessing. It is going to be a season of supernatural growth, building on the solid foundations of our church.

Some of the ways that the vision comes to life include:

  • Being true to our Pentecostal & charismatic roots – exploring and welcoming the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God as he instructs us, leads us, comforts us and empowers us to do the works of Jesus Christ on this earth!
  • It’s time to “own” or possess the promises of God regarding our congregation. All of the prophetic words that are yet unfulfilled – all God’s promises concerning us – we’re going to experience what God has promised us!
  • We’re cultivating a God-centred focus, as opposed to a man-centred focus where it’s all about me and my needs! It’s not about us!!! It’s about bringing all glory and honour back to God – because He deserves it!
  • We’re moving beyond the constraints of time and culture – our schedules and values will not be dictated by our mobile phones, tablets, calendars or watches! We’re following God’s agenda and seeing it through to a magnificent release of God’s Spirit in a way we’ve never experienced before!
  • We’re focused on what we’re called to do – and nothing else. We’re not called to social ministry, or to have many programs for all types of people with all types of needs – others in our area are already doing this well! We’re concentrating on what God has called us to do as a body of believers, and doing it well! We’re called to spiritual breakthrough!
  • We’re doing everything in our power to replicate the atmosphere of Heaven!
  • We’re giving God the glory and honour He so richly deserves – and we’re making Jesus Christ famous in this land!
  1. The Outside Vision

Out of our church journey God birthed in me a vision that is “outside the walls” of what people think of as the ‘church’. God impressed on me that we should “go outside the walls”. I had no idea what that meant at the time – but when the vision began to emerge I started to understand the call of God for our church.

God showed me a large building in Redlands City packed with people who were experiencing the power of God to an awesome degree – people getting touched and changed by God, and healed from all manner of disease and injury. It was not a church building, and it wasn’t a church meeting. It was ‘outside the walls of the church’ – and it was a live worship experience where there were no time restraints, no agendas, and none of the trappings of modern ‘church’. People were just spending time in God’s presence, and they were from all different denominations, from no denominations, and from many countries with many not even believers when they arrived.

Later I found the building God had shown me in the vision – and I was amazed to see the extent of the property and how it was aligned with the vision God has shown me. It is going to cost a lot of money – money we don’t have. I said to God “how can we possibly do this when our church is so small?” After a lot of wrestling, I got to the point where I determined that my job was not to worry about how it comes to pass, but to pray and believe in what God had shown me, and to heed the voice of the Lord and be obedient.

I soon realised that this is a Kingdom activity – the focus is not on the church (body of Christ) but on establishing the Kingdom of God. For years now I have maintained that Jesus never once preached about the gospel of the church; he preached about the gospel of the Kingdom! There is a difference between the two, and they overlap. This place that God will give us will bring people together outside of a traditional church venue – and allow people the freedom to find God in a real and life changing way without concerns about divisive doctrines and theological differences, and without all of the roadblocks that stop many people from attending a church.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. If God leads you please pray for the vision, and if you feel to help just send me an email. The congregation of Ormiston Christian Faith Church have agreed to fully support this vision. We’re actively pursuing it in prayer and through other means. But we’re going to need a lot of help from believers everywhere. This is bigger than us; it’s a God-sized vision. Impossible in the natural? Absolutely. That’s what makes it so exciting, because what seems impossible to us is the province of God and His miraculous power!

God Bless and remember: God can do anything!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs God’s life-changing power.

This will be accomplished through a simple yet radical plan – to live as if God lives inside of us – because He does! Wherever we go we take the Holy Spirit with us! In whatever we do we are empowered by God to impact lives! It is allowing God to shine through in order for His glory to be seen and His presence experienced!

What a mission! What an opportunity!

We’re much more than a church to attend. We’re a community centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Ghost to see radical changes happen in people’s lives.

We preach and teach the truth of God’s Word with intelligence and respect – after all it’s God’s living word that the Holy Ghost can use to illuminate and inspire us to know him more. Having this approach to God’s word empowers people to dare to believe that God is who he said he is, and to dare to believe that he wants to be actively involved in our lives and help us to impact the lives of those we meet in a powerful and positive way.

While the messages we preach and teach are sometimes topical and helpful for living a Christian life – that’s not really the point. When you think of it without Jesus nothing really matters or has the power to change anything. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a different. Only Jesus can make a marriage better. Only Jesus can bring true peace and joy. And true fulfillment is only found in Jesus. The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing the word of God. So we want to preach and teach as much of it as we can. That’s the Bible of course, but that’s just one aspect of faith although an import and foundational one. The other is hearing from God. That means knowing God so intimately that we hear and sense him in our lives. Jesus told his disciples that the Holy Spirit that would come in his place would bring his words to their remembrance, and that the Spirit would be a guide and comforter. This being the case, we’re not just about theology – we also pursue God through fellowship with the Holy Ghost.


Find out more about our history in the Redlands. From our beginnings as “Redlands New Outlook Centre’ in Victoria Point over three and a half decades ago, through to our current location. What makes us tick?