Prophetic word for 2017

This prophecy was given on Sunday morning the 26th February:

I hear you say “How long? How long Lord?” I tell you that I will move in my appointed time. It will be my time says the Lord, the time that I have appointed. And now you are walking in daylight where everything is seen, and the way is easy to know. But the time comes when the darkness will come and it will seem like there is no more light. But you will see the way because I with lighten it for you says the Lord and I will show you what happens, I will show you what occurs. I will show you so that you can see and look through the darkness and you will know my purpose, you will know what I am calling you to do. You will know what I intend to do on the earth says the Lord because your heart is pulling towards me and your heart is wanting to hear from me says the Lord your God. So even when the world walks in confusion, even when it seems like there is no God, even when it seems like the way is too hard I will show you even in the darkness says the Lord, I will show you the light, I will show you the path and you will step in my steps says the Lord. And I will bring about my purpose in you. I will bring about my purpose in this church and those whose hearts are for me says God I will draw you in says the Lord and I will speak to you and I will show you my way and my Spirit will be strong in you, my Spirit will be strong in what you do and my Spirit will go before you and be around about you so that even though the day is dark, even though the times are difficult you will rejoice in my strength, you will rejoice in the fact that I am with you and you will see my power says the Lord.

When giving the prophetic word I saw a person walking and then surrounded by darkness. The darkness was so thick that it was impenetrable just outside an outstretched arm. But as the darkness came close the way or path ahead was illuminated, and the light caused a tunnel around the person as they walked forward. The person was walking on steps and I had the feeling that these were the ways or steps that the Lord had prepared for them to walk on. They were stable and firm, and there was no question of slipping or uncertainty.

I had the sense that there was a certainty to the destination, and that what was in the darkness to either side and above didn’t matter because the Spirit of the Lord was a sure thing. The message is: don’t fear the darkness, it has no hold over you and will not stop you from walking in the path that the Lord has ordained. We will know His power and His strength as we walk in His purpose!