Prophetic word 2017: USA & Australia

Regarding America:

I have raised up a man for my purpose says the Lord and many seek to bring him down and bring accusations against him but none will be successful because what I have established will not fall and those that think they have power will find themselves confounded. Even those that seek to bind him will themselves be bound for I will cause their words to return to them and they will be judged by their own words says the Lord.

The sin that stains the nation, even the innocent blood that cries for justice will not be silenced for long says the Lord. For though justice is near my heart calls for mercy, and surely my mercy is better than justice for the wicked. Many will drink from the cup of mercy and be saved while those that refuse will cry bitter tears in wrath and no answers will be found. Those that shout lies from high places will be undone by their own words, those that seek to tear down will themselves be uprooted. Those that seek to call what is holy something evil, and blaspheme even what I have declared good will be swept away says the Lord.

I will bring down the house of Gerald (spear thrower), and they will no longer cause grief amongst my elect says the Lord. Even though the powers of darkness seek to swarm and threaten says the Lord, yet will my strength prove greater. There are none that can stand against my will says the Lord, and even those that seek to hide amongst my own will be exposed because the Spirit of Truth will no longer allow lies to be told. I will allow a season of suffering but will bring a people with healing in their hands and many will be amazed at what I do.

Concerning Australia:

Even as the world watches America I will move in the heart of Australia says the Lord. I will allow a painful wound and many will turn to anger and out from anger will burn hatred. But others will speak peace and not a natural peace but my peace says the Lord. Out of that I will cause four pillars to rise and they will be a beacon to the nations, a sign that the Lord does good things to those who will seek him. I will also shake the political realm and those that seem small, those that seem to have little will have power over those in whom many trusted, and those that seem small will rule and many will be rebuked who have not trusted in my ways says the Lord. Many will say how can this be? The voice of those that wish evil will be silenced and my word shall be heard from the high places. Seek me now says the Lord for in the hour of pain it will be hard to stand. But my presence will be your high tower, my word your sure foundation and my Spirit will give you strength and you will not fear. You have not yet tested my strength says the Lord nor have you reached my limit for I have no limit says the Lord. There is none who can stand against my plan and I will cause my people to rejoice in it for those that see it will know, and in knowing they will find my power.

March 13, 2017

Prophetic word for 2017

This prophecy was given on Sunday morning the 26th February:

I hear you say “How long? How long Lord?” I tell you that I will move in my appointed time. It will be my time says the Lord, the time that I have appointed. And now you are walking in daylight where everything is seen, and the way is easy to know. But the time comes when the darkness will come and it will seem like there is no more light. But you will see the way because I with lighten it for you says the Lord and I will show you what happens, I will show you what occurs. I will show you so that you can see and look through the darkness and you will know my purpose, you will know what I am calling you to do. You will know what I intend to do on the earth says the Lord because your heart is pulling towards me and your heart is wanting to hear from me says the Lord your God. So even when the world walks in confusion, even when it seems like there is no God, even when it seems like the way is too hard I will show you even in the darkness says the Lord, I will show you the light, I will show you the path and you will step in my steps says the Lord. And I will bring about my purpose in you. I will bring about my purpose in this church and those whose hearts are for me says God I will draw you in says the Lord and I will speak to you and I will show you my way and my Spirit will be strong in you, my Spirit will be strong in what you do and my Spirit will go before you and be around about you so that even though the day is dark, even though the times are difficult you will rejoice in my strength, you will rejoice in the fact that I am with you and you will see my power says the Lord.

When giving the prophetic word I saw a person walking and then surrounded by darkness. The darkness was so thick that it was impenetrable just outside an outstretched arm. But as the darkness came close the way or path ahead was illuminated, and the light caused a tunnel around the person as they walked forward. The person was walking on steps and I had the feeling that these were the ways or steps that the Lord had prepared for them to walk on. They were stable and firm, and there was no question of slipping or uncertainty.

I had the sense that there was a certainty to the destination, and that what was in the darkness to either side and above didn’t matter because the Spirit of the Lord was a sure thing. The message is: don’t fear the darkness, it has no hold over you and will not stop you from walking in the path that the Lord has ordained. We will know His power and His strength as we walk in His purpose!

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