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I can handle it!

A smooth production from Elevation Church USA – the antithesis of a victim mindset! https://vimeo.com/198782645

Prophetic word 2017: USA & Australia

Regarding America: I have raised up a man for my purpose says the Lord and many seek to bring him down and bring accusations against him but none will be successful because what I have established will not fall and those that think they have power will find themselves confounded. Even those that seek to […]

Prophetic word for 2017

This prophecy was given on Sunday morning the 26th February: I hear you say “How long? How long Lord?” I tell you that I will move in my appointed time. It will be my time says the Lord, the time that I have appointed. And now you are walking in daylight where everything is seen, […]

New home bible study topic

We’re working our way through the book of Judges – seeing how culture and faith were in tension as God’s people time and again went through the cycle of sin, judgement and salvation. It’s the story of a faithful God and his unfaithful people. It’s the story of broken and unlikely heroes from the worst […]

Cease the ceasing!

As a person that grew up in a Pentecostal household, and attended Pentecostal churches my whole life, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the demonstration of the moving of the Holy Spirit on many occasions. I am often staggered by the position held by many in the Body of Christ that miracles and signs such […]